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We are taking a break in January so our next event will be // TODO London 1.5 on February 7th 2017 but you can sign up to find out more right now at

More information coming very soon…


Our hosts were, once again,, The Angel Building, 407 St John St, London, EC1V 4EX. Food and drink will be provided, as before (including vegetarian and non-alcoholic options).

18:30: Doors

18:45: Talk One: Luciano Marisi Never Stop Learning

Learning is something that a lot people associate with school and/or university. There’s no reason why it should stop there.

As a software developer I’ve learned a few of programming languages over time helping me develop my career while keeping things interesting. This talk will cover deciding what to learn, finding materials and staying focused and motivated through the journey.

19:05: Break

19:10: Talk Two: Yvette Cook, Lost at sea: Lessons for tech teams from the many disasters of the Baltic Fleet

In October 1904 the Russian Baltic fleet, a haphazard armada of some fifty outdated and ill-equipped men-of-war, set sail on an epic 18,000 mile voyage to engage the hostile Japanese navy. This is the tale of what happened on their 7 month journey, and the lessons it can teach us about the perils of miscommunication, tech debt and poisonous snakes in confined spaces.

19:30: Break

19:35: Lightning Talk: David Giusti, From Product Management to Denim Tailor

After a career that included product management at both Shazam and Lyst, David chose a new path. He chose denim.

How do you recognise that you may have a more fulfilling career in a different profession? How do you take the steps to explore it, and how do to take that leap into the unknown?

In this talk David will explain how this came about, what happened next, where he is now, and, maybe, just maybe, what the deal is with Japanese Selvedge.

19:45: Close

20:00ish: Social, Brewhouse & Kitchen, Torrens Street, Angel, EC1V 1NQ

We understand that some people have other commitments, and cannot spend the whole evening with us. Because of this we start early, try to run very close to time, and we do not take questions after the talks. This allows everyone to benefit from the main part of the evening, and then, if you are able, you can join us after for the social where hopefully some, or all, of the speakers will be on hand. We think this makes // TODO more inclusive, but if you think we can do better, do let us know.

To see more information about these, and all the talks proposed so far, visit


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1By Post-PC we mean devices that have come since, and are arguably replacing, the desktop personal computer in our lives. Most obviously mobile phones, but also Tablets, Wearables, Smart Speakers, Connected TV’s, Snap Spectacles, Google Glass (okay, maybe not Google Glass), VR headsets…and who knows what that is yet to come.

Photo by Amit Gupta (Flickr)


A meet-up is defined by the people who choose to meet there. We need your help to make this work – by attending, by giving us feedback, and by helping us create awareness.

Before attending we would ask that you please read our code of conduct carefully. We expect everyone – organisers, volunteers, speakers and attendees to follow this code so that we can create a safe, inclusive, space.

The Format

Short and focused with a hard stop if they overrun. This leaves lots of room afterwards for socialising, but also respecting that some people have commitments (such as families).

18:30: Doors
18:45: Talk One
19:05: Break
19:10: Talk Two
19:30: Break
19:35: Lightning Talk
19:45: Close
20:00: Local Pub Social

Why are you charging?

We are charging a small fee of £31 in order to achieve a number of things…

• If people pay for something they value it more.

• We can invest that money straight back into the event by using it to offset the basic costs (like and wordpress/domains)

• We can cover speaker costs where necessary.

• If we end up with an excess we can use it to stage events such as a summer, winter, and keynote parties.

If you have any questions you can drop us an email or give us a tweet.

1 We have founded this group as an Unincorporated Association and commit to publishing our accounts and being held accountable to them.

Photo by Davide Ragust (Unsplash)


Emily Webber speaking at // TODO London by Michael May

It’s simply not possible to run an event like this without people who want to share their knowledge with others. We are no different in this respect. What makes us different is our aspiration to be as inclusive as possible. This broadly covers two areas;

We want to have the most inclusive speaker selection process possible
It doesn’t matter if this is your first, or fiftieth, talk – we welcome you to submit your ideas to us. We’ll give you feedback from the wider team to help you find the right talk for our attendees. Please, if you think you have an idea, don’t dismiss it – get in touch.

We want to have the most inclusive talks possible.
We welcome all makers across mobile, wearable, IoT and other Post-PC platforms. But, that means your talk must be as understandable and engaging to developers on Android, as on iOS, to designers of Android Wear, as tvOS. We know that’s a tall order, but it is not without precedent and we really hope you will relish the challenge of tailoring a talk to this diverse audience. 

To see the talks proposed so far, visit

To add your own idea please just drop us an email

To read the speakers guide click here

The Team

Group Photo by Avel Chuklanov (Unsplash)


anastasia photo

In my previous company, the Android and iOS devs worked pretty closely with designers and product management. We would have even sessions in which we could share our latests work, or simply interesting news happening in the iOS/Android world – and I absolutely loved it! There is so many common things between our worlds, and yet so many different things. But learning about how the team approach solutions, and understanding the subtle, differences was great.

So, when Mr May here mentioned his idea, I loved it, and pushed him to make me be more involved 👼🏼

I truly believe that to be a better developer not only requires you to be become the best coder, but also to have an understanding of the product, design, UX and, of course, users.

I hope this becomes a place where everyone interested or involved in building the Post-PC world is welcome (and feels welcome).



I started this group, after being gently cajoled into it by friends. Having attended a couple of platform non-specific conferences and even spoken at one of them, I wondered why there was not a successor to NSLondon (which sadly seems to have gone into hibernation) that was agnostic of your specific role, or platform.

London has been an incredible city for me, giving me more than I could ever have have dreamed of when I arrived here back in the 90’s. Fast forward through everything from Blur to Blair and Miley to May, one constant is that technology has never stopped evolving, or evolving me.
This is me giving something back that I think it needs. I hope you will join us in whatever capacity you want – attendee, volunteer, and/or speaker. I hope you will tell us what we are doing well (and not so well) but most of all I hope you find this useful.



I initially tried to simply be a cajoler in this enterprise, but after managing to get Michael to agree to try it, he turned the tables and demanded I walk the walk. So here I am.
As well as being CTO at an app agency that has a mixture of iOS, Android and Windows Phone developers I do manage to do a bit of coding myself from time to time.
The reason I asked Michael to make this happen (apart from that fact he seems to know everyone in mobile in London) was simply, and selfishly I suppose, because I wanted to attend something like it and there wasn’t anything. Well, here we are…me and my big mouth!

Want to be on the team too? Then drop us an email