We meet every second Wednesday of the month.

Our next meet-up will be // TODO London 2.3 on Wednesday February 13th 2019 (we skip January as it’s so close to the New Year).

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🍂 // TODO London 2.3
📅 Wednesday February 13th 2019
🏢 Pusher, 160 Old Street, EC1V 9BW

18:30: Doors Open
18:50: Intro
19:00: Jenny Grinblo – Productivity Is Dead, Long Live Productivity
19:20: Break
19:25: Kaan Mamikoglu – Help people help you
19:45: Break
19:55: Zan Markan – Developer Relations Uncovered
20:10: Outro
20:20ish Social – Mews Unit, 211 Old St, EC1V 9NR



Productivity Is Dead, Long Live Productivity
Jenny Grinblo

Six years after suffering a physical breakdown and developing panic disorder, Jenny reflects on how she works with her own team to stay sane within a productivity-obsessed culture. She will share her way of reframing productivity and ideas leaders and teams can adopt to battle burnout.


Help People Help You
Kaan Mamikoglu

Asking questions is the most efficient way of learning. When we’re stuck, we run to the place where we think we can get help. This can be a manager or colleague at work, or a platform such as Stack Overflow or a Slack community.
In this session, we’ll look into the fundamentals of asking a proper question. We’ll discover what a proper question means, what it takes to ask one and what the expected outcome is.


Developer Relationships Uncovered
Zan Markan

Last year Zan changed from being an engineer and became a developer evangelist. Developer relations (DevRel) and developer evangelism are strange beasts that can encompass engineering, product, project management, marketing, support, and several other activities. In this talk Zan will share my experience with this career transition, the reasons why he wanted to make the change, and the obstacles he has faced in the process.

Social: Draft House, Mews Unit, 211 Old St, EC1V 9NR

We understand that some people have other commitments, and cannot spend the whole evening with us. Because of this we start early, try to run very close to time, and we do not take questions after the talks. This allows everyone to benefit from the main part of the evening, and then, if you are able, you can join us after for the social where typically some, if not all, of the speakers will be on hand.

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