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🎤 Anastasia
📅 Wednesday June 12th 2019
🏢 Memrise 3-5 Fashion Street, E1 6PX

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18:30: Doors Open (with food and drinks served)
19:00: Intro
19:05: Aygul Zagidullina Building for Inclusivity – Using Voice to Make Products for Everyone
19:25: Break
19:30: Joe Birch – Building an accessible smart guitar for the deaf, blind and mute
19:50: Break
19:55: Jo Franchetti – Perfectionism, Impostor Syndrome and Anxiety: Understanding your fears and learning to be kind to yourself
20:20: Outro
20:30ish Social – The Ten Bells (tenbells.com)


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Aygul Zagidullina

It takes a little help from everyone — activists, engineers, and designers — to make the world a better place for everyone. Every day, there are new examples of how voice technology is being used to make products more inclusive. Companies around the world are bringing attention to social issues and using technology to fix them. In this talk, we’ll explore various ways to use the power of voice for the benefit of people and society to solve the world’s most enduring challenges and generate positive social impact, and why it’s important to build voice apps that make a difference.



Joe Birch

I’ve always loved playing guitar – but I feel it’s something that I’ve always taken for granted. Whilst I was able to pick up a guitar
and start teaching myself how to play, that experience might not be the same for everyone. That’s why I decided to build a smart, accessible
guitar that would allow others to experience the joy of music with less of hurdle to do so.

Powered by Actions on Google, Firebase, Dialogflow and Google Cloud – the Chord Assist smart guitar allows people who are blind, deaf
or mute to be able to learn, play and tune their guitar. In this talk I want to share the journey of this project – from the importance
of inclusive craft to how all these technologies come together to provide an accessible experience for everyone.


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Jo Franchetti

Working in the tech industry can sometimes make us feel inferior. It is easy to start believing that everyone knows more, or finds the work easier. When we’re surrounded by so many clever people, how can we not start to judge ourselves against them and our work against theirs?

Impostor syndrome – the belief that you don’t deserve to be where you are, and perfectionism – a need to work to impossibly high standards, are exhausting.
Learn how to spot these destructive thought patterns in yourself, how to manage anxiety and procrastination and how to start being kinder to yourself, because you’re awesome and you deserve to be here.

Social: The Ten Bells, 84 Commercial St (tenbells.com)

We understand that some people have other commitments, and cannot spend the whole evening with us. Because of this we start early, try to run very close to time, and we do not take questions after the talks. This allows everyone to benefit from the main part of the evening, and then, if you are able, you can join us after for the social where typically some, if not all, of the speakers will be on hand.

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