Our next meet-up will be // TODO London 1.10 on July 4th 2018 at The Microsoft Reactor (Old Street/Moorgate/Liverpool Street) curated by Michael (but hosted by Fabio as Michael is off learning about Swift, with seals…).

🚪 18:30: Doors
We encourage you to arrive as soon as you can after doors to grab a drink, some food and some conversation before we kick off. If you are late, however, it’s no big deal, but we ask you to be discrete so as not to interrupt the talk.

PaulArdeleanu🎙 18:50: Talk One: Paul Ardeleanu – Our civil duty in the ‘social’ age
It’s time for us, as an industry, to grow up and assume responsibility for our actions. Our 0’s & 1’s are affecting the society at an unprecedented level while we’re still arguing if that’s actually the case. This talk is a practical foray into the daily decision-making anguish we face today, and why some prefer to delegate this ‘pain’.


🥛 19:10: Break

kimberleycook🎙 19:15: Talk Two: Kimberley Cook – Welcome to the Codebar (Working Title)
Kimberley is, amongst many things, a freelance web developer and co-organiser of codebar. We chose these because they relate to the talk, which will be about the nature, purpose and ideas around codebar, but you can find out more about her through her twitter (spoiler: she is also a “wannabe badass snowboarder”).

twitter.com/codebar  twitter.com/KimberleyCook91

🥛 19:35: Break

robstearn🎙 19:40: Talk Three: Rob Stearn – The Power Of Pairing
From the man who made us all want to own our own tailored suit after his last talk, comes a talk that is, well, a little different to that (but no less engaging).

If you know anything about Rob already then you will know that Rob’s career is as fascinating as it impressive – moving from working on the floor of an Apple store through to iOS engineering at NotOnTheHighStreet and now, an engineering manager at MOO (moo.com).

It’s safe to assume he knows a thing or two about high performing teams of many kinds and what makes them so (spoiler: pairing is one such thing).

twitter.com/cocoadelica / linkedin.com/in/robstearncocoadelica.co.uk/blog/change

🥛 20:00: Close

🍻 20:15ish: Social, Old Kings Head, 28 Holywell Row, London EC2A 4JB
Billing itself as “Enjoy great beers, ales, spirits and if you must, soft drinks in the friendliest, happiest, most traditional, greentiletastic and fantastically, the least expensive pub in the area.” has us pretty sold on a warm welcome here for us to discuss all that we’ve heard tonight.
We understand that some people have other commitments, and cannot spend the whole evening with us. Because of this we start early, try to run very close to time, and we do not take questions after the talks. This allows everyone to benefit from the main part of the evening, and then, if you are able, you can join us after for the social where typically some, if not all, of the speakers will be on hand.

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