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It’s simply not possible to run // TODO without people who want to share with others. Of course, this is true of all meet-ups, but what makes us different is our commitment to be as inclusive as possible.

We want to have the most inclusive speaker selection process possible
It doesn’t matter if this is your first, or fiftieth, talk – we welcome you to submit your ideas to us. We’ll give you feedback from the wider team to help you find the right talk for our attendees. Please, if you think you have an idea, don’t dismiss it – get in touch.

We want to have the most inclusive talks possible
We welcome all makers across mobile, wearable, IoT and other Post-PC platforms. But, that means your talk must be as understandable and engaging to developers on Android, as on iOS, to designers of Android Wear, as tvOS. We know that’s a tall order, but it is not without precedent and we really hope you will relish the challenge of tailoring a talk to this diverse audience.

To add your own idea please just drop us an email

Who Is My Audience?

• Your audience will be app makers of all kinds so your talk should be accessible to designers and developers (at least) – think accessible, inspiring, insightful, and useful – but not dumbed down.

• Think cross-platform. You should not assume specific knowledge of any particular platform, but you can probably assume awareness of the main Post-PC platforms (iOS and Android). If in doubt – explain it, or leave it out.

• We typically get around 50-60 people and book venues accordingly.

How Long Do I Have?

You have two talk length options

• 20 Minutes Full Length Talk
• 10 Minutes Lightning Talk

During the talk, will give you a visual cue when you are at 3 minutes and 1 minute and when time is up. This is so that it’s fair on both the other speakers and the attendees (who may have other commitments).

There is no time allocated for questions. This is to keep things running to time and to encourage people to come and speak to you at the social part of the meet-up, at the end, typically in a public house (a pub). We would love you to stay for this part but it is not a requirement.

What Is The Venue And Setup?

We select venues that have slide projectors/monitors (but maybe not microphones). We will introduce you, or you can introduce yourself (it is up to you).

We cannot guarantee that the venues will have internet access, microphones, technical staff or a separate space for the speakers. Think meet-up rather than conference.

Note: we will not be recording your talk.

When is it?

We are starting in September now that we have venues through to the end of the year. We are going to run one meet-up each month, on the first Wednesday.

Do you pay?

We cannot afford to pay you for your talks. However, we will be charging a small entry fee, and so may be able to cover costs, if need be.

Please ask in advance and get written agreement – do not assume.

What Do You Need From Me?

Please send us, as soon as you are able, the following;

• Talk Title
• Abstract (Just a couple of lines about to sell the talk)
• Photo (either you or some other pertinent image – plus attribution if need be)
• Preferred Public Name and gender pronoun
• Availability for meetup dates (the first Wednesday of the month, if not already discussed)
• Twitter Handle (Optional)


We publish all our finances publicly, so please be aware that any financial agreement will be public knowledge. This is not intended as a discouragement but instead as full disclosure. (See Accounts)

We also publish potential talks, so people will know about your talk idea from the beginning. We will never disclose personal details (such as your email address) and people are not invited/allowed to comment on the talks. (See Proposed Talks Trello)

Can you give me support?

Absolutely! If you would like help with anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

We are happy to help you in any way we can – from writing your talk, to offering feedback and mentorship, to answering questions and/or limited covering of expenses.

Reserved Rights

We appreciate your time and effort in volunteering to talk but we reserve the right to decline, cancel or suggest modifications to your talk proposal. We have a good idea about what we think will work at // TODO London and it’s important for us to be able to curate that.

Emily Webber speaking at // TODO London by Michael May