Our Constitution


We are a London based community interest group for sharing stories from the tech world to help us all be better at our jobs, without telling us how to do our jobs. We believe this will benefit everyone who works in this area, including, but not exclusively, developers, designers, product managers, quality assurance and even founders.

1 By native we mean apps that are mostly written in non-web technologies such that they do not run in a web browser. At the time of writing this is apps written using things like Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, and React Native. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_app#App_wrapping_vs._native_app_management

2 By Post-PC we mean devices that have replaced Personal Computers (PC), often carried on our person, but not always. These include, but are not exclusive to, Smartphones, Tablets, Wearables, and Smart TV’s running the iOS or Android operating systems. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Post-PC_era

Do you have charitable aims?

No. We do not consider ourselves to be a charity, since, whilst we are open to most people to join, we reserve the right to reject members, and we do not have an electable committee. Furthermore, we charge members to attend meet-ups.


You are entitled to be a member if…

• You support the aims of this group

• You are able to attend some of the the meet-ups in London

• You abide by our code of conduct at all times

Will there be a membership fee?

Yes, and it is charged monthly, as part of registering to attend a meet up. You are only liable to paying the fee if you plan to attend a meet0up in person.

We charge in this way because
• There are costs involved in running the actual meetup (such as registration for meetup.com and wordpress.com, supplying refreshments, and so on)

• It’s a means by which we can raise a small fund to allow us independence to experiment (such as by booking unusual venues, organising keynote viewings, and throwing parties).

The fee is currently set at £3 per meetup

How can people join?

You can join by signing up at https://www.meetup.com/todo-london/

Ceasing to be a member

You will cease to be a member if
• You voluntarily leave the meetup.com group
• You are removed from the meetup.com group by an organiser for violating the aims or code of conduct

Equal Opportunities

You can read our full Code of Conduct on our website but it can be summarised as
We are dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion.
We will not tolerate harassment in any form. Furthermore, sexual language and imagery are not appropriate for any part of the experience – including, but not solely, talks and social events, social media and other online forum under the control of // TODO London.

Will you have a committee?

We do have a committee but it is not elected. There are no specific roles – we rotate all the responsibilities.

Annual General Meeting

We will have an AGM (if we make it to a year!), with a quorum of at least three of the organisers. We will inform the organisers, and all members, by website, email, Meetup.com, Slack, and Twitter with plenty of notice (not less than one week).

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings will be held ad-hoc, as necessary, either in person or via an online forum such as video chat, or text chat.

General Meetings

We do not foresee any reason to have a general meeting at this stage.

Special General Meetings

We do not foresee any reason to have a special general meeting at this stage but if we do we will inform the organisers, and all members, by website, email, Meetup.com, Slack, and Twitter with plenty of notice (not less than one week).

Rules of procedure for meetings

All meetings will be attended by the majority of organisers. This may not be a physical presence meeting. However, a majority vote must be used to make all decisions where full consensus is not reached (preferable). Whilst there are an odd number of organisers, we do not anticipate a tied vote.
Meetings will be facilitated by the organisers (who exactly to be decided at the time) but no minutes will be taken.


A bank account will be maintained on behalf of the group at a bank agreed by the organisers. There will be at least three signatories (the organisers) to the account (so that there are always two available to authorise payments). Each transaction will require two signatures. Records of income and expenditure will be maintained by the organisers and a financial statement made available online at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B2SAcwFM545c9GBl4OhJU1a4ddIqImFNdtBMsqvcLFo/edit?usp=sharing
Since our finances are entirely transparent we do not see any need to present them at an AGM, but they may be referenced/summarised at such a meeting.
All money raised by // TODO will be spent solely on the objects laid out in this constitution.

Changes to the Constitution

Changes to this constitution can be made at any time by consensus all organisers. Where consensus not achieved a formal vote can be made with a simple majority rule.


Only a 100% consensus can enact dissolution of the group. If this cannot be achieved, then a cooling off/notice period of one week will be set before a majority rule vote to enact the same dissolution can be taken.
If there exists any money or other valuable assets at this time, they shall, without exception, be donated to a Code Club (https://www.codeclub.org.uk/support-us). No organiser can benefit from the dissolution. Assets should be sold to convert them to money which can be donated to Code Club.