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In my previous company, the Android and iOS devs worked pretty closely with designers and product management. We would have even sessions in which we could share our latests work, or simply interesting news happening in the iOS/Android world – and I absolutely loved it! There is so many common things between our worlds, and yet so many different things. But learning about how the team approach solutions, and understanding the subtle, differences was great.

So, when Mr May here mentioned his idea, I loved it, and pushed him to make me be more involved 👼🏼

I truly believe that to be a better developer not only requires you to be become the best coder, but also to have an understanding of the product, design, UX and, of course, users.

I hope this becomes a place where everyone interested or involved in building the app world is welcome (and feels welcome).



I started this group, after being gently cajoled into it by certain friends. Having attended a couple of platform non-specific conferences and even spoken at one of them, I wondered why there was not a successor to NSLondon (which sadly seems to have gone into hibernation) that was agnostic of your specific role, or platform.

London has been an incredible city for me, giving me more than I could ever have have dreamed of when I arrived here back in the 90’s. Fast forward through everything from Blur to Blair and Miley to May, one constant is that technology has never stopped evolving, or evolving me.

This is me giving something back that I think it needs. I hope you will join us in whatever capacity you want – attendee, volunteer, and/or speaker. I hope you will tell us what we are doing well (and not so well) but most of all I hope you find this useful.



I initially tried to simply be a cajoler in this enterprise, but after managing to get Michael to agree to try it, he turned the tables and demanded I walk the walk. So here I am.

As well as being CTO at an app agency that has a mixture of iOS, Android and Windows Phone developers I do manage to do a bit of coding myself from time to time.

The reason I asked Michael to make this happen (apart from that fact he seems to know everyone in mobile in London) was simply, and selfishly I suppose, because I wanted to attend something like it and there wasn’t anything. Well, here we are…me and my big mouth!

Want to be on the team too? Then drop us an email

Group Photo by Avel Chuklanov (Unsplash)