Before coming along we would ask that you please read our code of conduct carefully. We expect everyone – organisers, speakers, venues and attendees to follow this code so that we can create a safe, inclusive, space.

The People

A meet-up is defined by the people who choose to meet there. Therefore, you are an essential part of every event – thank you!

We usually get a mix of mobile developers (Android and iOS), other types of developers, designers, product and project managers, and the odd founder.

The Format

Short and focused with a hard stop if they overrun. This leaves lots of room afterwards for socialising, but also respecting that some people have commitments (such as families).

We always offer inclusive refreshments of food and drink (including vegetarian and non-alcoholic options).

We do not allocate time for questions after the talks, but instead have a “Social” at the end (typically in a nearby pub that we have vetted).

Why are you charging?

We are charging a small fee in order to achieve a number of things…

• If people pay for something they value it more.
• We can invest that money straight back into the event by using it to offset the basic costs (like and wordpress/domains)
• We can cover speaker costs where necessary.
• If we end up with an excess we can use it to stage events such as a summer, winter, and keynote parties.

You can read more about this in our values section.

We have founded this group as an Unincorporated Association and commit to publishing our accounts and being held accountable to them.

Photo by Michael May from // TODO 1.0